How Does Document Translation Work?

///How Does Document Translation Work?
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ConEmpathy - How Does Document Translation Work?

Just as literature is not a set of spliced sentences, translation is not about transferring sentences between languages. Creative works, ideas, emotions, cultural contexts, philosophies of life, and a very particular style, whether technical, literary or any other, are transmitted when translating documents. The translator’s role is neither passive nor mechanical; not only is it necessary to have perfect command of both languages, but also of the science, the culture and the context of what will be translated. This is why a project manager, who assigns them to a translator specializing in the relevant subject matter, manages all projects at ConEmpathy. After that, another experienced translator reviews each project. Large-volume or urgent projects require distribution among several specialized translators and, along with the review from another experienced translator, the entire project is proofread by a proofreader to ensure consistency of all sections of the project. This way, we not only make sure that the message reaches its destination, but that it is delivered error-free in a timely manner.