Features of Event Interpretation

Features of Event Interpretation2018-09-11T18:27:38+00:00

ConEmpathy, Features of Event Interpretation

We understand that a professional interpretation requires constant teamwork, as well as the permanent company of a translation partner. This way, the translation rendered is more precise, being the result of the combined support and experience of two interpreters. This also allows maintaining quality and excellence in translation during the entire event, and avoids translator fatigue. While one of the interpreters translates, the other researches terminology, provides documents, informs the organizers of any issues or needs, etc. This is why, except for extremely short meetings, an interpreter should never work alone. Only those translators who receive permanent support and are clear-headed can produce the best experiences.

This teamwork should also involve the organizers, who can provide the interpreters with documentation, reference material or glossaries. Also, if a document is expected to be read or quoted, interpreters should receive a copy beforehand. Furthermore, it is important to converse with the speaker before the event to clarify doubts or connotations, as well as to make some recommendation so that we are all aware of the translation process.