How Does Event Interpretation Work?

////How Does Event Interpretation Work?
How Does Event Interpretation Work?2018-09-11T18:27:38+00:00

ConEmpathy, How Does Event Interpretation Work?

In events in which a speaker addresses an audience more than eight strong that does not share a language, interpretation is required. In interpretation (or simultaneous or consecutive translation, or chuchotage interpreting), two interpreters (translators), by using specialized equipment from within an isolated and soundproof cubicle, listen to the speaker’s presentations through earphones (to prevent both their own voice and external noise from interrupting the message), and immediately relay the original message (in 20-30 minute shifts) through a microphone. The audience, then, receives the translation via radio receivers into their own earphones, often with just one-word delays. The interpreters also share the audience’s questions and comments with the speaker. In some cases, interpretation can be done consecutively (taking turns between the speaker and the interpreter) when the event logistics require it so. Chuchotage translation (simultaneously into someone’s ear) may also be needed when only one of the assistants requires the interpretation service.