Liaison Interpretation

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ConEmpathy - Liaison Interpretation

Constantly changing and more challenging demands in the market have made it a necessity to negotiate with people from different cultures, countries and, of course, language. When our customers have the benefit of the company of a ConEmpathy interpreter, they not only gain access to an experimented and specialized translator, but to a meticulous and dedicated human being (see human talent). They also receive our seal: we transmit the same emotion and passion with which they themselves want to reach their own customers. That’s why the communication we facilitate in their processes is the same it would be if they were speaking themselves! We go with you to your meetings, appointments, visits, meals, and social events. We are by your side where and when you need us.

Our interpreters are also avid readers who will help you understand the local situation, who are always impeccably dressed fitting the occasion, and who will make themselves part of your team.

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