ConEmpathy, talento humanoOur team must not only have unparalleled qualities, such as experience, thoroughness, knowledge, and academic and research abilities. The people who work at ConEmpathy have indispensable human traits when communicating a message from its foundation: the emotion and intention with which the message was conceived. When we speak of empathy, we speak about a profound connection with each speaker or author of a document. We connect to their company, culture, birthplace, need, and personality. This way, we can give every document or every person who interacts in this communication a comprehensive experience.

We have experts in the following areas: health, engineering, law, arts, music, communication, marketing, gastronomy, technology, commerce, biological sciences, human sciences, coaching, and, of course, languages and cultures. Our team comprises interpreters, translators, proofreaders, designers, artists, and singers.