Interpretation (Spoken Translation)ConEmpathy is revolutionizing the translation industry by offering not only careful, meticulous, faithful, and professional interpretations, but pleasant ones as well, to imprint the speaker’s personality into a conversation in which we act as bridges. We make sure we study the topic in depth before we begin, to let the technical terminology settle in, and to completely master the topic. This way, we make sure the message is understood in the way it was intended from the start. Our interpreters also make themselves available during the time needed; they are friendly and accessible at all times. We are studious, we generate our own specific glossaries for the event at hand, and we make sure we are up to date in everyday matters, learning constantly about different subjects so we are always prepared.

Interpretation refers to simultaneous translation (needs technical equipment, and is the most common. See Technical Offer), consecutive translation (taking turns with the speaker), or chuchotage interpreting (simultaneously whispering into a single assistant’s ear).